A Leap Learning Lab Image: From the Leap Learning Lab in Latrikunda, The Gambia.

The Leap Learning Lab (formerly The Alphabet King Reading Lab) is an innovative, complete setup, teaching kids how to read and write within weeks without guidance from qualified teachers. The Learning Lab is installed and functional without access to the internet, login or the grid. The apps run on all platforms for both tablets and mobile phones. We have converted a full curriculum for basic reading and writing into 200 unique apps, tailor made by pedagogical experts, including test-applications to track the kids' performance and development.

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Our concept is in English and Norwegian and is easily translated and adapted to various local contexts and languages fitting all age groups. We have, for several years, worked out in the field developing and promoting technology in education. The Leap Learning Lab is a state of the art and cost effective plug and play solution solving the educational challenges all over the world, as in crisis situations, refugee camps and less developed countries. The educational solution is here!


A unique collection of educational apps.

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Leap Learning has a strong educational fundament from Norwegian schools for years, and we have now reinvented and illustrated the story to inspire even more children around the world. In The Gambia, for instance, Leap Learning shows great success in schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

Our mission is to share Leap Learning's concepts and methods with all the children all over the world, also in their own local language, to stimulate and teach them how to read and write.

Based on our long experience at the grass root in Africa, South America and Asia, testing and developing educational technology and experiencing the real and fundamental needs and challenges, we have advanced our concepts and methods into a complete state of the art concept - a disruptive package of 200 unique educational apps.  All our 200 apps are easily understandable for kids with all different backgrounds, they work on all platforms and fit both tablets and mobile phones. We are now seeking partners that want to replicate the concept in their own environment.



In addition to being used in approximately 200 schools in Norway, our educational apps are also being used as part of our Leap Learning Labs concept.

Currently Leap Learning has 16 Learning Labs throughout the world. While more are still to come, our current Lab distribution is as follows:

Africa Asia South America
5 in The Gambia
2 in Somalia
1 in Uganda
1 in Burundi
1 in Sierra Leone
1 in Zanzibar
Soon 1 in Ethiopia
Soon 1 in Ghana
Soon 1 in Kenya
2 in India
1 in Laos
Soon 1 in Pakistan
1 in Brazil


The Leap Leraning Labs concept and our 200 educational apps can easily be translated and localized to any language. Our apps are already translated to English, Norwegian, Portuguese and Somali. We are also currently working on translations to French, Spanish and Swahili.


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